As a native of Montrose County, my background is varied, and I have held positions that lend themselves to skills necessary to represent our communities in the Colorado House of Representatives. I was born and raised in Montrose Colorado.  I grew up on an irrigated farm raising row crops.  We raised sugar beets and Coors barley until those crops were replaced with sweet corn and seed beans. After leaving farming , I opened my own real estate office and worked there until I hired on with United Banks of Colorado as an ag-lender.  I worked with A-B Lateral, a hydro electric project proposed by the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association until moving to Grand Junction and entering Mesa State College and finishing my degree in Business.  I managed and operated the Mesa County fairgrounds while living in Grand Junction.  I got an opportunity to work as the Assistant Manager of The Uncompahgre Valley Water Users association and was promoted to Manager of the Association.  Most recently, I have been employed by Montrose County as Water Rights Development coordinator.  I have a radio show on KUBC AM called Diversions, a weekly talk show about water, business and agriculture.  The show has been on air for over 3 years.

I am an advocate for the Western Slope. I will continue to advocate for the values held by the people in District 58. The discussions I participate in, about our area's natural resources and economy, guide policy in directions to improve and protect interests held by the citizens of HD 58. I consider South Western Colorado's economic viability a high priority. Our people are the best stewards of the land and the environment. As your representative, I will stand up and speak out when government or special interest groups encroach on our property rights. It is very important to keep the public informed and educated on these topics. I use my radio show, "Diversions", to bring attention to important issues in our area and interview policy makers to answer questions the public may have about statewide issues.